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Terms of Use and Intent

Visitors and Users

To protect the artists of the Star Wars® Deckplans Alliance from copyright infringement — which amounts to theft of intellectual property (exclusive artwork and text) — we have devised this policy based on United States Copyright Laws. In no way does the intent of this policy intended to detract from your use and/or enjoyment of our site.

We understand that you may want to copy artwork herein for your personal use, however just because the artwork is presented on the internet does not make the resources of the Star Wars® Deckplans Alliance a free-for-all (public domain). It is intended for you to save this artwork for your personal use whereby you can do anything to the artwork except upload the artwork in part or in whole to another internet server for any reason, without permission from the artist(s). "In part" would constitute a modification you have done. "In whole" is the artwork unaltered.

We further understand that you may want to upload Star Wars® Deckplans Alliance artwork, or your modifications to your own website. This is within the realm of the intent of the Star Wars® Deckplans Alliance, and what we ask of you is to E-mail us for that permission. We ask this so that we can keep a record of who has asked, and who has been granted permission, and so that we can add a link to your website from our Links section. This assists us in determining who is infringing and who is not. In most cases permission will gladly be granted. If you have been found to be a past copyright infringer, permission will most likely not be granted. Regardless, it remains on a case by case basis.

We also request that you ask for permission because a lot of hard work and time goes into creating these resources. Our compensation for providing these resources to the public is simply your request for permission and the crediting of our work (please do not remove the names of the artist(s) from our artwork) wherever it appears in public. That is all that we ask of you.

Fair Use

We understand you may want to discuss, compare, critique, and/or criticize the subject matter herein at other places on the internet. We have thus made a simple provision for allowing your Fair Use rights. Instead of coping the artwork, you may directly hotlink to the artwork. If you do not know how to hotlink an image, E-mail us and we will help you. That way the artwork in question appears where you wish to discuss it, yet the image is still based from our server.